InBody 570 - Body Composition 101

body composition coaching inbody Oct 18, 2023


Hey Mammoths ! 

In the video I breakdown how I utilize the In Body scan to improve my quality of service for my personal training clients. 

A deep dive on each individual segment of information will help you understand how to navigate the data to explain/program within your own business. 

Video Time Stamps 

Start - 5:10 (INTRO) 

6:00 (Breakdown) 

9:19 (Body Composition Analysis) 

11:42 (Muscle-Fat Analysis) 

17:50 (Obesity Analysis) 

20:35 (In Body Score & Other) 

28:00 (Segmental Lean Analysis) 

32:38 (Results Interpreted/ Close Out) 

I have been using the In Body since I started personal training & it was a cornerstone in the OPEX CCP course. In the course it is an important piece to the overall assessment process for intake of new clients. 

In summation this is my personal opinion of how I have utilized this great tool formulated by my experience, educating myself from the In Body website (see link below), and my OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP). I hope that you learned information that supports your business and increases the value of the service that we provide! 

InBody Website

Check out a  list of “do’s & do not’s” directly from the website via the link above, so that you can copy and paste the instructions to send directly to your clients prior to the scan. Let me know in the comments section what was helpful and other fitness education you would like me to expand upon. 


VR Brian