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 Brian Butz

    Over the past 10 years I have been on a journey. Through my university studies, time as a US Army Infantry Officer, and committing to early mornings and long days, learning and teaching my craft, my philosophy is simple: have intention in all things, do the simple things well, and make your body ready.

   Complexity is the enemy of execution. My training approach is aimed to create better communication and build awareness. In doing so provides a route for my clients to their individual goals that are nested in and outside of the gym walls, with the highest probability of success.

    The coach that inspired me always said “your clients do not care about how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Fitness, whether it be physical, mental, emotional etc… has been a gift to my life and it is my great privilege to serve in teaching what I love to others.


Ongoing Education

  • BS Physical Education & Sport IUP
  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
  • OPEX CCP Coach
    •  Programming Movement Course
  • Postural Restoration Institute 
    • Myokinematic Restoration
    • Postural Respiration
    • Pelvis Restoration
    • Impingement & Instability 
    • Cervical Revolution
    • Cranial Resolution
    • Forward Locomotor Movement
    • Primary Non-manual Techniques Workshop 
  • Onnit
    • Durability Certified 
    • Kettlebell Certified
  • Functional Range Conditioning Specialist (FRC)
  • Pain Performance Specialist Certified (PPSC)

    • Functional Kettlebell Certified 


  • Steel Mace Flow Certified 
  • TRX Lvl 1 Certified
  • Landmine University Certified
  • Art of Coaching Certified 
  • Trigger Point Lvl 1 Certified
  • POSE Method of Running Certified 
  • Mastering Core Training Certified
  • Former Gold’s Fit, Burn & Cycle Coach

  • Box & Burn Lvl 1 & 2

  • Theragun Workshop

  • Rock Tape Workshop
  • Weck Method RMTS

  • Conor Harris
    • Beginner Biomechanics Course
    • Biomechanics Program 4.0
    • Business & Marketing Course

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“It’s definitely a piece I have been missing from my career.” 


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